Courtland Sykes

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"The proof of a poet,” wrote Walt Whitman, “is that his country absorbs him as affectionately as he has absorbed it.” I was never by any means a poet, but if I ever came close, perhaps it was in that idyllic age when I yearned to absorb all that America was, and in that youth, felt absorbed affectionately in return.
~ Courtland Sykes: Field Journal 2006

Courtland served in the U.S. Navy following the September 11, 2001 attacks and served until January 2011. His military commands include: USS Bonhomme Richard, SEAL Team 5 (NOT A SEAL), Navy Special Warfare Unit 3, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

After completing 5 tours of duty, hundreds of intelligence briefs, and overt, covert and clandestine collection missions (HUMINT) without loss of life or mission compromise, Courtland began to see a need to give back to the Intelligence, Special Operations, and Diplomatic communities he loves with the lessons he learned through his journey. He has worked in close coordination and jointly with the FBI, DEA, CIA, and other government agencies. Courtland's final assignment was a tour ,in a diplomatic capacity, with the U.S. Embassy in Panama. He left the military in 2011 to complete an ALB in Government from Harvard University and an MA from the University of London in Global Diplomacy.

He founded Talosorion after identifying a need in the  US National Security apparatus for more cooperative diplomatic and military strategy. His vision for Talosorion is to bridge the gap between the Department of State and Department of Defense while contributing to strengthening  NATO alliances.

Courtland most recently founded the Talosorion Academy in 2019 in an effort to train future leaders of the organizations he holds dear. 

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