Talosorion streamlines operations with the sprit of unconventionality that made our nation great.

The 21st century presents national security challenges that can no longer consider diplomacy and military in isolation.


Diplomatic and military strategy have always been and remain today, separate worlds with separated thinkers, disconnected solutions, and different results. In the face of increasingly stateless enemies, this isolation and disconnect is to our detriment. Diplomacy and Military strategy must be fused, not isolated.   


We capitalize on the talents of diplomats, military leaders, and the intelligence community by guiding their focus to meet national security goals.

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Since 2003, the United States has been "stuck" in Iraq and Afghanistan. The largest contributor to US failure in Iraq and Afghanistan was adopting a failing concept: having the military conduct diplomacy and having diplomats manage a battle space. Roles were simply traded rather than fused. We needed fusion.

Talosorion analyzes successes and failures and provides lessons learned with new strategies moving forward in a new world of diplomatic and military consulting. We focus on areas around the world plagued by conflict and work to strengthen the NATO security apparatus.

Our 21st century, war-fighting and crisis management have been redefined. We've learned that every war zone requires efforts from diplomats and military strategists together. Never again will we see a war, led by modern forces, without diplomacy.

We learned, starting in Iraq and Afghanistan, that diplomats and senior military officers are necessary for accomplishing national security goals. Talosorion works to strengthen both diplomatic and military roles by fusing efforts rather than having them compete, which we are finding is a common theme around the world.  Talosorion offers experience in  war zones, places of crisis, and conflict in Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Horn of Africa.

It is imperative that our leaders adopt fusion in diplomatic and military efforts. It is equally important for diplomats and military leaders to maintain the integrity of their responsibilities rather than being misguided and mismanaged. We are equipped and prepared to face challenges around the world with this developing diplomatic and military fusion concept.